The Studio Chimp Show #6 - Katie Tavini

Well, it's been a while, but we got there. 2019 saw me buy my first house, build my first studio and have my first child so a few things had to go on the back burner which unfortunately included The Studio Chimp Show.

However, here it is! Our 6th episode featuring the incredible Katie Tavini. I met Katie on the dinosaur that is Twitter (it's still relevant) and thought she was absolutely incredible in both her professional work, her ethics and she seemed super down to earth. She was gracious enough to let me see her then Brighton Mastering studio and spend some time asking her questions for this podcast.

Katie is currently nominated for the MPG Mastering Engineer of the year award (good luck), writes for PNS Europe, runs Normal Not Novelty with Red Bull and in between all that finds the time to Master tonnes of records for everything from Decca Records to Sonic Boom Six.

We chat about how she discovered music and her journey from scratchy violins to mastering tape, her mentors and changing attitudes within the industry. You can follow her and check out her work at

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