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This Producers Playbook shows you the best method I found to generate a long list of music production clients.

Designed for Producers who have either yet to make that leap into full time or those who are struggling to fill their books from month to month, this book will give you the methods I've used to

● Have clients booked months in advance

● Get out of the cold approach cycle

● Create a website that brings in enquiries

● Build a system that brings clients to you as opposed to you fishing for them.

Everyone's journey is different but it's precisely the tools and techniques I used in this book that allowed me to start a studio in a spare box room with nothing but a Macbook, a scarlett interface and some Tannoy Reveals. I went from completely broke to being flown to LA to work with major labels and sleeping in studios because I was in such high demand, all within the space of three months.

Not only that, the ideas in this book helped me generate nearly a quarter of a million pounds (so far) from an email list with less than 50 people on it.

My hope is that you will do much better.


About the Author:


Matthew Parisi is a music producer and composer hailing from the southeast of England. With a passion for music that started at a young age, Matthew began his journey in the studio at just 14 years old, learning from Solstice keyboardist Steve McDaniel. By the age of 18, he was running his first professional studio. Matthew's love for music led him to complete a degree at the British Institute of Modern Music in Brighton, where he not only built up a portfolio of work at one of the city's small studios but also set up a promotions company, putting on shows for local and touring bands.


After graduation, Matthew briefly worked as a headhunter in the telecoms market but soon returned to the music industry to head up and run Mike Stock's studio. There, he worked with big names like Nickelodeon and Viacom and was credited as a recording engineer, mix engineer, and musician on two top 20 albums on the UK Official Charts, along with many other successful live projects and media work.


In 2017, Matthew left Mike Stock's studio to pursue his passion for music production. Since then, he has worked at some of the most prestigious studios in the industry, consulted with Robert Plant's label MAS Records, mentored musicians, created his own label Red Chimp Records, and now manages artists on top of producing them as well as being bought in to teach occasional business masterclasses at the British Institute of Modern Music and Kidderminster University.


At the time of writing, Matthew and his small team are in the process of creating a company with an estimated value of £4 million. He's advised multi-million-pound operations on the use of music in emerging blockchain industries and consulted with Producers and production companies on increasing their clientele. All of this is done from the comfort of his own home studio, where he can remain close to his partner and young son.

The Producers Playbook: 3 Months from Playtime to Full Time

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